How does access control minimize security threats?

Security access control systems ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed in a building. Advanced systems go beyond the traditional means of security by restricting employee access by date and time in addition to limiting the number of rooms that a worker can enter during the workday. How does access control minimize security threats, though? Read on to find out!


Security access requires verification before entrance.


An employee cannot access a building without either a keycard or PIN under security access systems. Such a means of access means that administrators know who is in the building and for how long.

The average company issues a new hire a badge and employee number before the worker begins his first day on the job. The employee cannot enter the building without either swiping his badge across a security pod or entering his employee number into the system. Both swipes and entering employee numbers are stored in the central database that administrators can access at any time to see who entered the building before, during, or after office hours.


Verification leads to better control.


Some employees enter the office when they are not scheduled to work. A handful of employees may even go so far as to bring guests with them. Companies that invest in access control systems effectively discourage such liberality by sending a message that everyone who enters the building is under surveillance.

Employees may not be as quick to come to the office for malicious purposes or to bring a friend when they know they are being watched.


Access control systems reduce fraud and theft.


Corporations often extend access control to computer systems, which can be beneficial in the way of cybersecurity. Some employees should not have access to files that contain highly sensitive information about clients. It is also not the best idea for a company to allow all employees to have access to damaging information about the business.

Security measures that control access to files and databases reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud. Such precautions also ensure that employees with authorization are held responsible if pertinent information is leaked to the public.


Security systems provide better record keeping


There is nothing wrong with having a security guard log all visitors and employees throughout the day. It is more beneficial, though, to have a security system in place that allows employees to check-in quickly rather than force workers to wait in line while the guard writes down all the names of people entering the building.

The best security access control system enhances record-keeping tactics so that security guards can spend more time monitoring the premises. A good security system also lets administrators quickly access check-in logs from anywhere.


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