What should be in a conference room

Your conference room deserves an upgrade. It is okay to have a more formal appeal, but you should consider including tech that makes scheduling and holding meetings in your conference room more pleasant.




There are many ways to schedule a conference room in the digital age. The more efficient way to reserve a conference room is through a scheduling platform that lets you see when a room is booked online. Installing a tablet or hub outside of the conference room that makes users check-in before gaining access is the best way to maintain order in the office. The best hubs do not allow double booking and require the reserving party to enter a unique code for access. Such a system ensures that the right people use the conference area at their designated times.




Some executives do not pay enough attention to the aesthetics of the room to appreciate the energy that good lighting brings. Natural lighting wards off seasonal depression, which could ultimately lead to a more productive meeting. The majority of your light, however, is likely artificial.

Automated lighting systems make it easier to enter a conference room and set up for the meeting. Employees do not have to stumble around in the darkness for several seconds before finding the light because automated lighting is motion censored. The room is illuminated the moment employees enter the room. Some automated lighting systems even power down after everyone has left so that there is little need to touch the lights when using the conference room.

The best-automated lighting systems for conference rooms have added qualities that include dimming features that the coordinator can control remotely. Some systems even have energy-saving technology built into the platform. Of course, there is always the option of controlling the lights manually, even with an automated system installed.




One-touch control panels are great for setting up your presentation. The best PowerPoint or video clip, however, is often only as good as the audio in the room. Great speakers enhance the experience that attendees receive. The ideal conference room has a variety of speaker sizes so that individuals can hear regardless of where they are seated in the room. Of course, you do not want your audio system to be obvious. The sleek appeal is, therefore, more desirable than bulkiness.


Give your conference room the upgrade that it deserves. Let BCS Consultants help you understand what should be in a conference room so that your meeting space makes the right impression. Call today to schedule an appointment for service.