How Your Business Benefits From Having On-premise Video Surveillance

How Your Business Benefits From Having On-premise Video Surveillance

The number of businesses relying on video surveillance is steadily increasing as businesses across the globe understand the benefits of on-premise video surveillance and its integrations. By having onsite cameras, companies can improve security, deter crime, and collect evidence if a crime does occur.


Video footage can also be used to monitor employee activity, improve customer service, and track inventory levels. In addition, on-premise video surveillance can help businesses save money on insurance premiums and reduce liability risks.



How Businesses Can Benefit From On-Premise Video Surveillance


Here are some of the benefits that on-premise video surveillance offers businesses.


Remote Accessibility

On-premise video surveillance systems allow companies to remotely monitor their premises from any location with an internet connection. This can be a valuable asset for businesses with multiple locations or needing to monitor their property after hours.

This allows security managers to monitor their property without being physically present. Furthermore, there is a sense of flexibility that comes with accessing footage from any location with an internet connection.


Better Image Quality

On-premise video surveillance systems often offer better image quality than cloud-based solutions. This is because on-premise cameras are typically higher resolution and have a dedicated network connection.


Of course, this is a cost-effective way of monitoring their premises and employees. With the help of a clear image, businesses can identify and apprehend individuals and objects more easily. This better evidence also helps more effectively in court cases or insurance claims.


Reduced Liability Risks

On-premise video surveillance can help businesses reduce their liability risks by providing clear evidence in the event of an accident or crime. This can be valuable in court cases or insurance claims. By easing the business's monitoring capabilities, it helps considerably reduce liability risks and avoid accidents or crimes that occur on their premises. Knowing that the management is always watching also means that the workforce remains efficient and avoids things that could lead to potential liabilities.


Better Event Management

On-premise video surveillance can help businesses manage events more effectively. Companies can improve safety, monitor customer traffic, and track employee activity by having a record of events. This surveillance also helps improve event safety, offer better customer service, identify areas of improvement, and promote employee productivity.


Intelligent Video Capabilities

Some on-premise video surveillance systems offer intelligent video capabilities, such as facial recognition and object classification. This can be valuable for businesses that need to monitor employee activity or track customer traffic.


These intelligent solutions, such as integrating access control systems and AI, allow for improved security-enhanced evidence collection, better peace of mind, and improved usage across all fronts.


On-premise video surveillance solutions are scalable and can meet business demands much better, especially when enabled by a reliable service provider such as BCS Consultants. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help businesses save money on your security infrastructure!