Integrating Access Control With Video Security

Integrating Access Control With Video Security



San Francisco and Fresno have the most security cameras per 1,000 people, showing how the state is leading in terms of its security protocols. However, as video security systems have become more prevalent, so too needs to integrate with access control systems. 


From government buildings to private properties, integrating access control and video security is proving to be one of the best ways to keep assets and information secure. This integration can help against internal and external threats alike.


How Access Control & Video Surveillance Work Together


Integrating access control and video security can be accomplished in a number of ways, but all these procedures revolve around two primary methods:


Direct Integration

This approach involves connecting the access control system directly to the video security system (or vice versa). This typically requires using special software or hardware to enable communication between the two systems.


Indirect Integration

This approach uses a third-party platform to connect the access control and video security systems. This can be done through a stand-alone appliance or a cloud-based service.


Benefits of Integrating Access Control with Video Security

There are a number of benefits of integrating the two technologies together. These include:

  • More effective monitoring and management of who is entering and exiting a building or area
  • Better tracking of the movements of individuals within a building or area
  • Automatic alarm triggers or implementation of other security measures in the event of unauthorized entry or movement
  • Facilitating investigation of security incidents and more. 


Here is a closer look at some of the most prevalent benefits you can get.


Improved Security

By linking these two systems together, businesses and organizations can more effectively monitor and manage who is entering and exiting a building or area. This can help prevent unauthorized entry and improve the overall security of the premises.


Better Situational Awareness

By tracking the movements of individuals within a building or area, businesses and organizations can better understand what is happening on their premises at any given time. This can be helpful for security purposes, as well as for operational planning and decision-making.


Faster Response to Incidents

By automatically triggering alarms or other security measures in the event of unauthorized entry or movement, businesses and organizations can ensure a quick and effective response to security incidents.


Improved Investigation Capabilities

Businesses and organizations can more easily investigate security incidents by linking video footage with access control data. This can help identify the perpetrators of crimes and improve the chances of bringing them to justice.


While some challenges come with integrating access control systems with video security (such as the cost, complexity, and compatibility issues), with the right help at the right time, you can quickly get the most out of this integration.

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