Smart Meetings, Smarter Prices: Crestron

Smart Meetings, Smarter Prices: Crestron

In an era where time is as valuable as the technology that manages it, Crestron is leading the charge to revolutionize workspace efficiency. With an immediate and enticing price reduction on their renowned TSS 7” and 10” scheduling panels and accessories, Crestron is making advanced room scheduling more accessible than ever. Now, businesses can save up to 30% on these essential tools, making it the perfect time to upgrade or expand your meeting room capabilities.

Crestron: A Synonym for Productivity, Performance, and Partnership

Crestron stands at the forefront of the room scheduling technology industry, not only for its innovative products but also for its comprehensive support network. The company's collaboration with an extensive array of third-party scheduling partners ensures that your spaces are optimized for maximum productivity. This synergy between technology and partnership allows for a seamless experience in finding and booking the right space with the right technology, tailored to each meeting's specific needs.

The TSS 70 Series: Tailored Solutions for Every Requirement

The TSS 70 series offers a diverse range of kits and standalone panels designed to meet any organization's scheduling needs. From basic room scheduling touch screens to models optimized for Zoom® and Microsoft Teams® software, Crestron ensures seamless integration with your preferred digital environment.

Scheduling Panel Kits with Light Bar

7” and 10” Room Scheduling Touch Screen Kits: Ideal for any meeting space, these kits facilitate easy scheduling and room identification.
Kits for Zoom® and Microsoft Teams® Software: These specialized kits enhance scheduling functionalities with direct integration for Zoom and Microsoft Teams environments.

Standalone Panels and Accessories

Crestron's standalone scheduling panels, such as the TSS 7” and 10” Room Scheduling Touch Screens, are complemented by a variety of accessories including Room Availability Light Bars and various Mount Kits, ensuring flexibility and visibility in room scheduling.

Enhancing Room Scheduling with Advanced Features

Crestron's TSS-770 series isn't just about scheduling; it's about enhancing the entire meeting experience. With the Crestron Scheduling app, rooms can be booked on the spot, and the integration with occupancy sensors allows for real-time room status updates. The touch screens support a vast array of scheduling services and third-party apps, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for businesses of all types.

Built for the Enterprise

Crestron's TSS-770 series is engineered for reliability, security, and ease of management—key components for any enterprise-grade solution. With features like enterprise-grade security, cloud-based provisioning, and compatibility with the XiO Cloud service, managing and scaling your room scheduling system has never been easier.

A Cost-Effective, Secure, and Reliable Solution

Choosing Crestron’s TSS-770 series means opting for a solution that is both cost-effective and reliable. Unlike consumer tablets, these touch screens are designed for permanent installation, offering a superior alternative for 24/7 operation in commercial environments. With comprehensive security features and various mounting options, Crestron ensures that your scheduling system is secure and adaptable to your specific needs.

Conclusion: A Step Towards Smarter Workspaces

Crestron's price reduction on the TSS 7” and 10” scheduling panels and accessories is more than just a sale—it's an invitation to transform how spaces are utilized in the workplace. By embracing these advanced scheduling solutions, businesses can significantly enhance productivity, streamline meeting management, and foster a more efficient, connected, and collaborative work environment. With Crestron, the future of workplace productivity is not just envisioned; it is realized.