The Future of Intercoms with Verkada

The Future of Intercoms with Verkada
In the modern, fast-moving world, the essence of a strong security framework lies in communication systems that are both efficient and dependable. At the heart of this evolution in security technology stands Verkada's intercom receivers, which seamlessly blend the sophistication of advanced security measures with the convenience of contemporary communication techniques. Thanks to their innovative smart call routing and the adaptability of their receivers, this system guarantees that an intercom call will never go unanswered, showcasing a forward-thinking approach to security and communication.

Smart Call Routing: A New Era of Communication

Verkada's intercom system introduces an intelligent call routing mechanism that revolutionizes the way calls are managed. This system allows for the creation of call queues with any combination of receivers, ensuring that calls are always answered by adding failover steps. Organizations can schedule call lists by time and day to match the availability of their staff, and update routing logic and add users anytime in Command, Verkada’s centralized management platform. This level of customization and flexibility ensures that communication lines are always optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.


Touchless Entry via Bluetooth

Verkada Pass App: Communication Without Boundaries
Leverage employee smartphones to unlock doors to increase security, provide convenience, and streamline commissioning through SSO integrations. With the Verkada Pass app, the limitations of location are a thing of the past. Users can answer intercom calls from anywhere, combining the convenience of mobile communication with the clarity and security of an intercom system. This app facilitates full-frame mobile calls with clear audio and sharp video and even allows for doors to be opened with the touch of a button, offering unparalleled control and accessibility.

Seamless Integration and Ease of Use

Verkada's system goes beyond simple call management. It provides a seamless integration with Verkada Access Control for touchless entry, and allows for direct communication with intercom devices from any web browser. For those in command, receiving intercom calls and talking down to devices is streamlined through the Command platform. Notifications alert users to incoming calls, making it simple to navigate to the Intercom page and take action.

The Verkada Desk Station: A Comprehensive Communication Hub

For a more stationary solution, the Verkada Desk Station offers a comprehensive communication hub that pairs with an unlimited number of devices per tablet. It supports viewing up to four intercoms or cameras simultaneously, providing a broad view of building activity and security at a glance. With its touchscreen interface, users can receive intercom calls, view additional context cameras, and unlock doors from a single, intuitive interface.

Flexibility Through Integration

Understanding the diverse needs of modern organizations, Verkada’s intercom receivers are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing communications systems. Whether it's through PSTN calling, SIP integration, or routing calls to Microsoft Teams, Verkada ensures that its system can adapt to your operational requirements without compromising on security or efficiency.

Why Choose Verkada?

Verkada’s intercom system stands out for its flexibility, customizable call routing, and the variety of receiving methods available. Whether it's through a mobile app, web browser, desk station, or integration with existing phone systems, Verkada ensures that every call is answered, no matter the operational context. This adaptability, combined with the ease of managing and configuring the system through the Command platform, makes Verkada an unparalleled choice for modern security and communication needs.
As the demand for more integrated and efficient security solutions grows, Verkada's intercom receivers offer a glimpse into the future of workplace communication. With smart call routing, seamless integrations, and a focus on flexibility and ease of use, Verkada is setting new standards in the physical security industry. Whether you're looking to improve safety, enhance communication efficiency, or both, Verkada's solutions are designed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.