SMBs Adopting Unified Communications

The latest trend in the market is that more and more small and medium businesses are switching to Unified Communications. However, there are many who are still not clear about the benefits being offered by Unified Communications. In this article, we are going to dig deeper and find out the benefits offered by Unified Communications that are compelling companies (small and large) to adopt it.

Helps Control OPEX (Operational Expenditure)

Adopting Unified Communications powered IP telephony solution is a big leap towards cost savings. Apart from the basic subscription fees, you will not need to invest anything for operating the system. Operational expenditure can be whittled down or eliminated altogether. Some of the ways Unified Communications powered IP telephony systems helps in lowering the SMB communication costs are:

  • It is really simple to manage. PC based tools and browsers can streamline administration and, at the same time, help in performance optimization.
  • External support is reduced. IT admin can handle movement, addition and changes that are needed.
  • Can use IP trunking and reduce local as well as long distance call charges significantly.
  • Expense on cabling is considerably reduced when voice and data use the same network.

Bigger organizations have dedicated IT staff and telecom engineers. Smaller and medium companies have to depend on the external technology support. Short and long term expenses can be reduced if the spending on external technology support is completely eliminated. Thus the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be hugely reduced.

Unified Communications also helps in freeing up cash flow. This can then be redirected towards spending on core business processes like marketing and manufacturing. You can even use the extra savings to hire more team members and other activities to improve competitive positioning.

Improvement in Customer Service

Customers are the highest priority for any business. When the customers are satisfied, it would definitely result in higher profits. Unified Communications not only cuts down telephone expenses, it also brings to the table many rich telephony features that help in improving customer service experience.

You will be able to directly dial the numbers from address books. Incoming call can be handled professionally with screen pops on your PC for every incoming call. Your employees will be able to provide better customer service when they have all the information about customers on their screen. Some of the advanced telephony features offered by Unified Communications that can aid in better customer service are as follows:

Find Me / Follow Me

This feature helps you to set multiple devices that would ring in a certain order when someone calls up a particular number

Call Handing Rules

This gives you the opportunity to set the call routing based on your availability and schedule


This feature helps you to make local calls at very low rates as it you were using your office phone

Click to Call

You can make calls directly from the address book of your PC with just a click

Secure Teleworker

The remote workers are able to place calls by the use of a secure connection while being away from their desks.

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