Sound Masking vs. White Noise: What Can Sound Masking Do That White Noise Can’t?

Sound Masking vs. White Noise: What Can Sound Masking Do That White Noise Can’t?

Should office spaces embrace openness or privacy? Thanks to constantly-improving technology in the field of audio engineering, it is now possible to have both. Introducing a sound masking system into an open environment offers that solution.

What is white noise?

You probably already have some idea of what the phrase “white noise” means. You may find devices available for purchase with claims of providing neutral sound into the environment. However, all that true white noise does is add the sound of radio static to the air. Ultimately, you end up adding a distraction rather than taking one away! Think of how we move about the room; the white noise machine sits in one place, becoming louder or quieter as we reposition ourselves. It would be worth it to consider an office sound masking system instead.

Is there a better option?

Sound masking is often confused with white noise, and on the surface, this seems to make sense. Both claim to use the addition of neutral noise to eliminate distractions and increase privacy. However, only sound masking is able to do this effectively. The advanced technology integrates seamlessly into any space.

Sound masking vs. white noise

Sound masking is a much more advanced technology than white noise. It is engineered with a specific purpose in mind: to literally mask and overlap naturally with human speech. Because it focuses on only these auditory frequencies, it does not register to human ears as a distraction, instead blending naturally into the environment and essentially disappearing.

Additionally, the process of sound masking installation allows sound to be integrated into the entire office space. Because of this, there is no single source of the sound. As workers and clients move about the room, the noise does not change. This integrated system provides a consistency that further maximizes the ultimate goal of office sound masking: to forget that it’s even there.

Why should more workplaces use sound masking?

Sound masking increases the efficiency of work completed in a number of ways. First, it creates a distraction-free ambiance where individual conversations, phone calls, and other activity can take place with ease. Additionally, it increases the privacy of these conversations by keeping what is said between the interested parties. Clients and employees feel comfortable sharing sensitive information more freely, increasing the capacity of work that can be done.

Sound masking is useful outside of traditional office environments as well. Anywhere where focus and privacy are valued within an open space, from bars to nursing homes, sound masking can help to create that ideal environment.

Don’t waste your time on ineffective white noise machines. Contact BCS Consultants today so we can maximize the efficiency, privacy, and focus of your workplace.