Why Do Modern Businesses Need A Fiber Optics Network Infrastructure?

Why Do Modern Businesses Need A Fiber Optics Network Infrastructure?

Although most businesses will have heard of fiber optic network infrastructure, many still don't understand exactly what it is. However, for any business hoping to keep up the pace and evolve at the rate that technology does, a fiber network is an absolute must.

So, what is fiber optic anyway?

A fiber optic network is comprised of strands of glass that are incredibly thin, which can transport data and information via laser and LED pulses. With a larger bandwidth, fiber optic networks can work at much faster speeds than conventional networks. What's more, the infrastructure is built to last, meaning that once it's installed and set up, you'll be able to carry on reaping the benefits for years.

How can a fiber network be used?

Fiber optics are now very easy to install, despite being more difficult when first released. The network is compatible with a huge number of applications, including Provider WAN and Enterprise LAN. No matter your business environment, fiber optic connections are easily compatible with your systems. The network can be fitted for data centers and computer rooms as well as underground or using aerial infrastructure.

Why your business needs Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure

Consistent speeds

Fiber optic speed is something to be marveled at, especially when it shows no signs of slowing down. You might think that no network is immune to peak times, but fiber optic will keep going strong even when everyone is using the connection at the same time.

Low latency

If your business downloads lots of files or has a VoIP telephone service then latency may be a current issue for you. When it comes to customer service, you want to avoid all possible delays for smooth communication. A fiber network offers you this, as latency is virtually nonexistent, so all your communications will be seamless and incredibly efficient.

Increased bandwidth

When you choose a fiber optic network, your bandwidth can be increased as your business grows. Your limits will be much higher than with other conventional packages, but can crucially also be expanded easily as and when you need to.

Unlock the cloud

You may already be using the cloud to store some data, but with fiber networks, you can choose to base your business entirely in the cloud due to the powerful speeds and bandwidth capacity that come with fiber optics.

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