The 5 Best Things about SIP Trunking

The 5 Best Things about SIP Trunking


In order to stay relevant and compete with the bigger players in the market, it is important to have a robust communication system that facilitate quick sales while staying connected to all the concerned employees in a business. Just having separate data and phone line is not enough – organizations need to adopt a system that would use VoIP’s power and meet modern communication needs of a business.

SIP trunking is the answer to the latest communication needs of modern organizations.

SIP trunking is extremely powerful and scalable solution that would facilitate streamlining of business communication resources and costs while maintaining high standards of QoS. Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, is a way of making multiple concurrent calls using a telephone  network. There are several benefits of SIP trunking and this is considered to be more cost effective and robust than ISDN. Since this is an IP based service, there are numerous other added advantages as well as features that can easily solve enterprise communication issues. Organizations implementing SIP will find it very beneficial and efficient for their communication service.

Here is a list of the 5 best things about SIP Trunking:

High scalability – Irrespective of whether you are running a small business or operating a large organization, SIP trunking will free you from the costly expenses related to infrastructure and other capital expenditure, present and future. You will just have to set it for current use and then keep expanding the system as and when your business grows.

Huge savings – Majority of the companies that have implemented SIP Trunking have reported savings of up to a whopping 60% over their ISDN costs. Cost savings can be realized immediately after set up because SIP trunking uses your existing IP infrastructure and PBX while cutting down the costs of purchasing new equipment. Thus, cost savings can be realized from the minute you deploy SIP trunking. All long distance calls are treated as local calls so you will be able to make free calls and you do not even need to pay for data and voice lines separately. Doesn’t it sound really sweet to the ears?

No calls drops – All your customer calls will reach the concerned departments and executives. In case the calls to the desk phone go unanswered, the call is automatically routed to the employees’ mobile phone. Thus, you will never ever lose a customer because of call drops or missed calls.

Highly efficient communication – All your communication will be automatically streamlined as the calls are bound to reach the executives, be it on their desk phones or mobile phones. All your employees will be provided with a variety options that will lead to efficient communication:

  • Voice calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Address books on various devices will be synced
  • Participants who miss out on meetings can be connected on conference calls.

Instant ROI or Return on Investment – You will be able to see returns on your investment within a year (if lucky then you can even get the returns at the end of 6 months). You do not have to pay for the equipment or services that you have stopped using. SIP Trunking will increase the Internet bandwidth availability by freeing some amount of traffic used by voice calls. Monthly telephone bills are going to go down immensely and you can expect SIP to revolutionize the way you run your communication system.

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