Top VoIP Predictions for 2016

will make communication easier and cheaper. When it comes to communications, VoIP is the most discussed topic nowadays. 2015 had been a year of Voice over Internet protocol and 2016 seems to give us more of it. Thus, let’s try to make a few VoIP predictions for 2016.


Cloud has changed the way businesses stored their data and the way software are programmed. Now, cloud service providers are considered among the fastest growing market segment. No doubt it will affect hosted VoIP too. The more there will be growth in VoIP, the demand for cloud solutions will increase. Obviously, there will be demand for on-premises VoIP, but as decision makers will become confident they will move to the cloud. 2016 promises to bring about a huge change in cloud technology and IT departments have to hire cloud experts to deal with them. This is one of our VoIP Predictions we are sure of.

Mobile VoIP

When VoIP is bringing such benefits for small businesses to enterprises, why not go mobile? Yes, technologists have already started working on mobile VoIP and 2016 promises to bring in a lot of it. Through mobile VoIP, you can use your very own Smartphone as an extension of your business phone. Experts are working to make the features attractive and the cost competitive so that 2016 bring about another revolution in VoIP. Another of our VoIP Predictions that will surely happen.


Although VoIP can reduce the cost of calling a lot, but it has threats of being hacked. Thus, security is an area that is required to be considered again. During 2016, it is obvious that it will be seen that there is development in the field of security of VoIP connections. Threats like a breach of customer information, software attacks, virus attacks, server hacking are there for any business and VoIP is not far away from these threats. Thus, this year it’s obvious that dollars will be spent to increase the security of VoIP.

Change in Manufacturing

It is expected that with an increase in security, the demand for VoIP will increase more in 2016. As a result of this, manufacturers will adopt changes in their products. These changes will adapt to address the requirement to set up VoIP and use it. That means all the devices will be equipped with speakers and microphones. There will be development in microphones too that will ensure that it can filter the required voices from a hall full of people. Start expecting voice capability in smart phones, smart TVs, refrigerators, bicycles – literally anything that is connected to the Net. This is slightly a bold one of our VoIP predictions, but we have already started to see this happen.

Desktops Vs. Mobile Phones

When there were PSTN connections, there was a battle between mobile phones and desk phones. In 2016, this battle will continue when VoIP has brought in the concept of mobile VoIP. There are many big names in the business world that have stopped using desk phones even for business purpose as their mobile is a good companion to take calls, check emails and perform many other activities. Now, with mobile VoIP, all these can be done without increasing the bill of mobile service provider. Thus, wait and watch to see the battle between desk phones and mobile phones to continue.

Collaboration To Become Stronger

Collaboration has become much easier after development in VoIP and UC. This year it is expected that as security will be tightened and mobile VoIP will take a leap, collaboration can see a major change, of course in a positive way. Employees can collaborate with each other more as VoIP will give them the opportunity to complete calls at much cheaper rates.

To end this, businesses can make out many opportunities that will reduce their budget behind communication.

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