What are the Benefits of Using Digital Signage in your Business?

What are the Benefits of Using Digital Signage in your Business?

Digital signs are electronic screens that replace conventional paper, metal or plastic signs. Businesses use them for a wide range of purposes, such as displaying schedules and restaurant menus. Digital signage continues to gain popularity around the world. Experts believe that sales of this equipment will increase by 85 percent between 2018 and 2025. Here's why:

1. Easy, instant updates

You can use computer software to change the images or text on an electronic display at any moment, saving time and improving safety; there's no need to set up a ladder when a price changes. Furthermore, it becomes much more feasible to arrange short-term sales or offer one-day specials on a minor holiday.

2. Capture attention

Colorful, animated digital signage will engage your customers or employees with far greater success than the alternatives mentioned above. It's also easy to read regardless of indoor or outdoor lighting. This technology has the potential to boost revenue by up to one-third at eateries, shops, and auto dealerships. Electronic displays can even make company meetings more productive and beneficial.

3. Greater versatility

Digital signage allows you to devote more square feet to secondary goals, such as promoting your company's website, membership options or social media accounts. For instance, a single sign might display rotating ads for three meal specials as well as the latest statistics on discounts provided by a restaurant's reward program. It could also show the most recent messages posted on a company's Twitter feed.

4. Cut expenses

Conventional signs initially cost less than digital signage, but the expense adds up as they repeatedly need replacement. Computerized displays reduce paper waste, save ink and eliminate the need to ship new signs from one location to another periodically. Digital signage also conserves space and minimizes clutter; a single electronic screen with alternating messages can replace several conventional units.

5. More income

Some companies sell ad space on their digital signs to generate extra revenue. For example, a car dealer could find sponsors who want to promote certain vehicle accessories or complementary services. A sports bar might earn money from ads for a nearby sporting goods retailer. Digital signage advertising holds considerable value because it often enables sponsors to reach a highly targeted local audience.

The bottom line is that this increasingly popular technology saves cash and maximizes efficiency while providing multiple opportunities to earn more money. You can also use digital signage to boost team cohesion and mobilize staff members to achieve vital goals. This equipment enhances your control over almost any environment. Please contact BCS Consultants today to learn more about our digital signage solutions, including professional setup and configuration.