What Is the Best Wireless Access Point for A Business?

What Is the Best Wireless Access Point for A Business?

When setting up wireless APs in a business, there's no "one size fits all" solution. Different options will be better depending on their purpose.

If you want to access the internet anywhere around your business premises, then a wireless access point is what you need. This small-sized networking device can help extend your WiFi signal range from the router without experiencing any dead spots. In this article, we’re going to describe the best wireless access points for a business and what is recommended depending on your business type and office layout.

Difference anduse depending on the type

Radio-based access points will be among the main choices for any efficient wireless AP setup, and its installation will be influenced by the size of your facility and the possibility of dead zones depending on coverage. For this purpose, single radio access points or dual radio access points are some of the best wireless access points for business you can consider. A single radio wireless access point works in either IEEE 802.11b/g or IEEE 802.11a Wi-Fi standards, which can determine the number of simultaneous connections that can be made within a single wireless access point node.

However, most modern single radio access points have network adapters that work best in IEEE 802.11b/g standard. Dual radio access points, on the other hand, come with network adapters that work best in IEEE 802.11a. However, you will find others that operate simultaneously in IEEE 802.11 b/g/n or IEEE 802.11b/g, which gives you greater flexibility on the potential speed and volume of simultaneous connections.

Radio-based access points work best for businesses that want to do mesh networking, which consists of a decentralized network that can interconnect without going through a single, main network point. These access points consistently deliver fast mesh WiFi and efficient data sharing everywhere in your business. They are also ideal for businesses that want to prevent wireless intrusion scanning.

Internal Access Points

The other best wireless access points for business on the market today are built-in and external antenna access points. For businesses that operate in contained spaces, wireless access points with built-in antennas are the most preferred because they give decent coverage. These wireless access points for medium business are designed for use by a small number of users.

External Access Points

Access points with external antennas are ideal for businesses which operate in large office spaces with heavy traffic and are looking for broader area wireless coverage solutions. These access points come with a higher gain, allowing you to extend your Wi-Fi signal strength to a longer distance. Another thing to keep in mind is that standard bandwidth supports both built-in and external antenna access points.

Wireless access point mounting solutions

Access points for businesses are typically mounted on light poles, on the sides of buildings or on top of buildings. For aesthetic and maintenance reasons, mounting access points in these areas is becoming less acceptable. Luckily, BCS provides wireless access point mounting solutions for any business that wants to install APs outdoors or where the wireless coverage is required.


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