Teamwork And Communication

Employees who have the ability to execute and manage a project almost single-handedly get all the accolades in an organization. However, it is also important that employees are also good team players i.e. they are able to work in a group while providing valuable inputs during all the phases of a project. Thus companies put a lot of emphasis on team building and team work. The employees who prove to be worthy team players often get to reach the top quicker than their counterparts. In their efforts to enhance teamwork among employees, companies often take the help of various tools that aid in efficient communication and collaboration. One such collaboration tool that helps in team work at office is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP enhances teamwork and communication.

We are going to list some of the ways how VoIP help in teamwork and communication:

  • All Time Connectivity – Workplaces are busy places and workers need to get in touch with their colleagues, vendors, and business associate quickly. Efficient and quick communication forms the basis of information exchange among team members during every project that involves teamwork. If you have VoIP, teamwork and communication with collaboration becomes extremely easy because irrespective of your location. Calls can be connected to each and every member of the team. Even if you are away from your office (holidaying somewhere in the Hawaii), your colleagues or co-workers can reach you easily.
  • Conferencing for Team Meetings – Conferencing has given a standard shift to the way meetings are conducted. However, VoIP has made this even easier by facilitating a conferencing among all the participants even when they are all located at different locations. So if you need to conduct a virtual meeting of your team members all you will need is a VoIP calling suite and the rest will be taken care of automatically. There are several companies offering video conferencing feature with their VoIP suite, which enables video calling as well. Video conferencing has added a new paradigm to teamwork and communication – today team members can see each other irrespective of how far they are from each other.
  • Screen Sharing Feature – There are several service providers who offer the screen sharing feature with their VoIP systems. This is an extremely powerful tool that allows all the team members to share their screen and discuss operational issues. Phone calls do not always suffice when it comes to solving operational issues at business places . Screen sharing feature can help to overcome such challenges. Users can even take control of each other’s screens and work on documents, spreadsheets and files.
  • Transcriptions and Call Recording – It is not always possible for every team member too attend each and every call. Call recording and transcription feature integrated with VoIP suite makes it easier for team members to record the calls and transcribe them as and when they wish to. Collaboration does not mean that all your team members need to be present during every call. But the call recording feature gives the opportunity to keep track of every conference call.
  • Real-Time Collaboration – Collaboration on documents on a real-time basis is possible when you are using VoIP service. This feature can help your team members work concurrently on the same files, presentations or documents. Collaboration on documents is nothing new but to make it possible through VoIP is just awesome because this can be done even when two users are on a VoIP call. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it reduces the errors and facilitates completion of work easily.

VoIP has made a huge impact in the business world and collaboration has got a completely new meaning with this advancement of technology.

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