The Perfect Video Conferencing Setup for Every Budget

The Perfect Video Conferencing Setup for Every Budget

It doesn't matter if you love them or hate them, but video conference meetings are a critical part of our work life. And while you cannot control everything, there are a lot of things you can do to make your office meetings more effortless, engaging, and efficient. A well-designed conference room system setup can enable you and your employees to operate complicated AV systems without any issues.

It will also help you deliver high-quality multimedia presentations that everyone can hear and see. The perfect video conferencing setup will facilitate content sharing, promoting healthy group discussions and employee engagement. But do you know what you need for an ideal video conferencing setup? Don't worry; we got you covered. In today's article, our team will tell you everything you need to buy when setting up a video conferencing system.

Let's Start With The Display

Suppose your firm has a hybrid working culture with mixed in-person and remote employees or has to make several video conference calls. Every video conferencing room must have a bright display screen which you will use for webinars, audio-video conferencing, presentations, and content sharing. We suggest you get a video wall or multiple display screens when setting up a video conferencing system. It will help you dedicate one display to a presentation and one or more displays to the video conference call, showing you all your remote attendees.

You can easily find LED flat-screen displays that are well within your budget. These displays are bright enough to manage the ambient light of your conference room while delivering high-resolution, sharp picture clarity to make your multimedia presentation stand out. However, a video wall is a better option if you are dealing with a large conference room. A video wall can help display 4K multimedia content in ample space so everyone can see everything.


Next Up, Cameras

With online video conferencing at an all-time high, it's the best time to invest in good-quality cameras for video conference meetings. One solution that most business owners prefer is getting a 360-degree camera that can automatically track and adjust focus on the person who is speaking. Such high-end technology can help you make meetings much more comfortable for everyone involved.

Business partners or remote employees will not have to look at an out-of-focus view of you sitting in the conference room. Meanwhile, in-person participants will not have to get off their seats and position themselves in front of the camera. However, these cameras can be expensive. If they are out of your range, you can easily find budget camera setups that offer subject tracking and autofocus.


Speakers and Microphones

Inadequate audio can quickly kill a meeting's productivity. The built-in microphone and speakers in your laptop will not make the cut when it comes to professional calls. When setting up a video conferencing system, we suggest you get high-sensitive, enterprise-grade microphones built for business conference room use.

Depending on the size and acoustics of your conference room, you can install microphones on tabletops or in the ceiling to create a minimal and clutter-free look. You can also install your speakers on the walls or roof of your conference room, so they don't take up any valuable space.


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